Recipes and Stories Inspired by Shoes! denotes the fashion fantasy that affects our lives on a daily basis and the traumas such a trivial mainstay can help us survive. As our family developed and grew, we lived through such horrendous moments in time as the Oklahoma City Bombing and the May 3rd Tornadoes. These two events not only tested my theory that feeling like you look good can nearly predestine your day, but they temporarily removed all caring about personal appearance and put me in touch with more important issues. However, as time passed, I once again began to live life’s daily passages, taking them for granted as we all do, and again enjoyed the frivolous hobby of shopping, buying and wearing classy to outrageous Shoes!


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shoes! - Cover

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"I was scared and imagining the worst—a wreck, Ashlee or Floyd hurt, or worse. I could only understand about every third word Ashlee was saying. She was crying and obviously semi-hysterical, and all I could gather was something horrific had happened on the interstate. And, as usual in our household, it somehow involved shoes!"